What does change mean to you?

For most of us, change conjures up all sorts of mixed emotions: excitement, fear of the unknown, and the possibility of failure. We always have the choice of staying right where we are – after all, we are doing “okay”, and there definitely is a comfort in our routine.

There are three major life changes that are very different and yet similar in nature. They all involve a real commitment to living a fulfilled life – to exploring what is next for you and taking the steps to make that happen:

Choosing a Career : Whether you are just completing your education, or ready to explore the possibility of a career change.

Exploring a Major : If you are still in school and wanting to explore career options, as well as courses and extracurricular activities that help you clarify your career goals

Retirement : Exploring a second career, part-time work, or volunteer work that really will bring fulfillment to you.

When it comes to exploring your right course of action, and the next steps to take, you do not want to do it alone. People who work with me receive coaching to help them clarify their goals and take the steps necessary to attain them!

My personal philosophy is that the answers lie with YOU and that having support is crucial to really making change in your life.

If you would like the opportunity to explore coaching, you are welcome to participate in a complimentary, 45-minute consultation. By the end of this introspective session, you will see the benefits of working with a professional coach in making the changes you desire.

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