You probably are wondering what Swoosch could possibly have to do with coaching? This was the word that a recent golf pro mentioned to me to help me with my golf game – something very definitely needed. When the pro (Tom) worked with me for the first time, he described me as a “careful” golfer – focused on “getting it right”, always thinking about each move. Don’t get me wrong – learning about technique is important – but I focused on it so much that I was not really enjoying the game at all.

Being careful is a really good description not only of my golf game but of how I oftentimes live my life.  While it is really good to plan – to make lists where specific tasks can be checked off – to set timelines for the things I want to “get done” – to be really focused on achieving goals – planning can be carried too far.  It is like most other “good” traits – there can be too much of a good thing.  Of course the opposite is also true – being totally unstructured – getting things done when the mood strikes – can lead to missed goals and a lack of the forward momentum needed to accomplish things.

As a matter of fact these two ways of being are distinct modalities on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  On one end of the spectrum is the dichotomy called “Judging” (the person who likes a lifestyle that is decisive, planned and orderly) and at the other end the dichotomy is called “Perceiving” (the person who prefers a lifestyle that is flexible, adaptable and spontaneous).  It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way of being, and it is also good to have an understanding of what particular lifestyle describes how you operate.

The results of my work in this field clearly indicate that my preference is Judging, and that I can oftentimes  carry it to an extreme.  Which ties back to my opening paragraph – that for me the challenge is letting myself just be – not needing to have it all figured out ahead of time – going with the flow whenever possible.  The idea of being able to Swoosh in many areas of my life really spoke to me.  So I find myself thinking about challenges and what it would look like if I were more relaxed about them.  I think about how I would be acting if I were really Swooshing.  What I can tell you is that it is incredibly freeing!

So not only do I work on Swooshing in golf, but in my fitness program, my cooking and house keeping, and, most importantly, in my relationships.  I am learning to be in the moment, and to not worry so much about “getting it right”.  It is allowing me to really appreciate my humanness.  It is a daily challenge, but it is worth it.

Are there areas in your life where Swooshing would be beneficial?  I invite you to just let yourself go for it and not be so worried about the results.  You will LOVE the freedom.