Taking Time to BREATHE

As a coach, my focus is generally on how to move ahead, what steps should we take to accomplish our goals, what commitments are we willing to make relative to the time required.  This is generally the way I have lived my life – how I have been able to accomplish the things I have accomplished.  Most of the time I did this by having support – either an individual or a group who helped me move forward – to stay committed – to look past the fear that sometimes crops up when we are making changes, however small.

Over the past several months what has really stuck home to me is how important it is to actually take a BREATH, to not just “do”, but to actually “be”.  It is only in this way that we have the opportunity to really listen to ourselves, to take a step back and be in touch with what is really going on inside.  We can actually observe from a big picture perspective just how we are really feeling, how we are showing up in the world, how people are responding to us.  It is an opportunity to stop letting our unobserved ego run the show.

The realization of just how important this is became very clear when it dawned on me how very uncomfortable it is for me to sit still – to actually not have a plan, or a to-do list that has to be completed “immediately”.    I have spent my life convinced that, without this type of frantic attention to the list, nothing would be accomplished.  Now I am seeing that having the time to just be actually helps me accomplish those things that really matter, and at the same time allow me to actually gain insight on different ways to go about what I am trying to accomplish.   It allows me to let the Universe show up for me, to really get on a deep level that I am not in this alone.

This new way of looking at how I spend my time really fits well with what coaching is all about – having support in accomplishing things that are important to us.  But, in taking time to breathe, this support expands exponentially.