That Dreadful Sunday Feeling

Sunday is a day of the week unlike any other.  It starts out really good – who doesn’t like having Sunday brunch with family or friends, or sleeping late, lounging around, and reading the Sunday papers?    Perhaps we sometimes go to a museum, or a sporting event, or spend the afternoon at the beach, or in the park (whether permitting of course).

As the day wears on, what oftentimes happens is that we start thinking of what lies ahead – specifically Monday morning.  Thinking about Monday morning can be challenging even if we love what we do, but that does not compare to the dread that comes upon us if we really do not like the job – whether that dislike is for the work we do, the company we work for, or the people we work with.  It does not really matter – the feeling is the same.   If we have become familiar with this feeling, if it has been with us long enough, it would be easy to think that this feeling is inevitable.

Speaking from first-hand experience, I can tell you that it does not have to be like that!  That does not mean that there is a one-step magical solution, but it does mean that it is perfectly reasonable, and achievable, to be happy with your job.

The first step is to understand just what about your job is making you unhappy.  If you do not like the work, then the next step is to explore just what type of work might be better suited for you.  If you like the work, but not the company, or the people with whom you work, the answer seems simpler – just look for another job.

Either way, the critical thing is to remember that we all have choices.  Just the act of deciding to do something about your work situation will feel good – a reminder that we can do SOMETHING about the path we are taking.  I believe it is critical to get support during this process – there will be challenges – the biggest one being to have the discipline to keep taking the steps to make the desired change.

Let yourself get to the place where Sunday’s actually feel good – all day long!