The Supermoon

Astrologers tell us that we will be experiencing a Supermoon very early Monday morning, November 14th. This is the first Supermoon since 1948 and another one like it is not expected until November 2034!   The Moon will be 16,000 miles, or 6%, closer to the Earth, appearing 30% brighter than usual.

Other than the obvious enhanced beauty of our sky, it is interesting to think how else this might affect us all. From a spiritual perspective, a Supermoon equates to supercharged Full Moon energies. This specific Full Moon is one of the best of the year for emotional healing because it shines a light on old and heavy energies still lurking in the shadows. This revelation allows us to release, transfer or dissolve old vibrational energies. Moon phases have great influence on our behavior and emotions, as well as on the natural elements like the ocean tides. Stronger emotions – both tears and laughers, will come more easily. Emotions will come and go and these are great opportunities for us to learn how to deal with feelings while developing patience and understanding – a chance to grow closer to the people in our lives.

With a new moon, we often focus on personal beginnings. With a Supermoon, these new beginnings take on a bigger momentum. This is a great time to start something that we have been thinking about, perhaps for a long time.   You know, the thing that just keeps being put on a back burner because other things get in the way. The thing that you KNOW will get done some day.

Since almost everyone I know, including yours truly, has at least one thing that we have put off for long enough, why not make a decision to use the energy of this Supermoon to move us forward. For me, that means finally filling out the application for the organization with whom I want to volunteer as a mentor. What about you? Your first step could be finding support to help you get started and stay on track. What is the first step you need to take? And, most importantly, imagine how you will feel just beginning the process.