I have just come back from a week’s vacation, and am again reminded of how important it is to recharge our batteries.  For many people like me, who somehow believe on a gut level that the true answer to getting ahead is to work almost constantly, the reminder that it is just as important to refresh the body, mind and soul is critical.  By the time I actually left, I had bronchitis and was feeling very run down.  Not a good place.

It does seem clear from this perspective that the constant push to achieve is NOT really good, but while I am in the middle of it, it is almost impossible to see what is happening.  It somehow feels so normal.

I suspect there are a lot of us out there.  Many of my friends are like me, and I see this coming up in more and more of my clients.  How can they achieve what they want to achieve and actually have time to relax?      It is really possible to do both?

Believe it or not, there is a balance that can be achieved which actually does lead to good results on several levels.  When we take the time to BREATHE, we allow ourselves to take a step back and see just how we are really doing. You might say that, by actually putting on your observer hat, you give the Universe the opportunity to speak to you.  When we are merely plowing ahead at 100 miles per hour, that opportunity does not present itself.  How many times have you experienced a synchronicity that you certainly did not, could not, arrange?  A clear indication that it is not ALL up to you.

Of course, all of this is made easier if you are not doing it alone.  We all need people who can help us be accountable to ourselves, both from the perspective of moving ahead and from the perspective of ascertaining just when we are pushing too hard.  For instance, do we ever take the time to celebrate our accomplishments?  Not too many people do.  For those of us who do not really know when to stop, this support is invaluable!

So, balance does work!  And the longer I am around, the clearer I am just how important it is to “smell the roses”.