What’s Holding You Back?

If you take a look back over the past few years, notice the times when you have really succeeded in moving ahead towards your goals and those times that you have not. It does not matter really what type of goals you are talking about – it can be anything from loosing weight, eating proper foods, exercising regularly, getting a new job, finding a new apartment, going back to school… anything really.

Most of us have heard the saying that “It really is an inside job”. This definitely applies to achieving what we really want. It all starts to really believing that we can do it, that we are worth the effort, that there is enough time. If you really think about it, the real reason that so many of us fail to move ahead is because of the messages we give ourselves. Makes me think about a saying that is frequently used in the support group of which I am a member: “My mind is dangerous territory… you do not want to go there alone.”

Paying attention to the messages we give ourselves is critical. For instance, if one of our goals is to go back to school, it would be easy to jump from that to such thoughts as “I can never really afford it, so why bother looking”, “There really is no guarantee that I will get a great job afterward, so why even think about it”, “I am getting too old for school”, or the tried and true “There is just not enough time.”

Does any of this sound familiar? The excuses can be endless. The only difference between those who do achieve their goals and those who do not is that the former do not allow those thoughts to stand in their way. They follow the “one day at a time” school of thinking and decide that they only have to take the first step.

So go ahead – pick ONE goal, break it down into SMALL steps, get SUPPORT for your self, and just START.