Where is the year going?

So many people have mentioned to me that they cannot believe we are in the middle of August! It just seems like we were planning our summer vacations and now it is time to think of the fall – the crisp weather, returning to school, shorter days, the end of vacation, and, pretty soon, the Holidays! I also think about where I am relative to where I imagined myself to be by the end of 2016.

The older I get the more determined I am that I will not allow time to just pass me by. Sometimes it is difficult to keep moving ahead with our plans – life gets in the way, not to mention the typical fears that can so easily hold us back. It is so easy to give into the fear that tells us things like: it will be so much work (it being the dream we have), who do we think we are that we can REALLY do that, there is really not enough time, etc.

What do you tell yourself? The first step in moving forward with our dreams is to really KNOW that they are possible. To spend the time visualizing what success would look like, including all the every-day details like the steps needed to to make the dream a reality. Included in this visualization are the feelings you will experience as you move along your path – what would it feel like to achieve your goal, to be an active participant in your destiny? As I am writing this what comes to mind are the Olympics – how disciplined the athletics have to be to train the way they do.

Along with the idea, and the plan, it is important to have at least one person who will support you and hold you accountable to yourself. Dreams are so much more achievable when they are shared. So, before the rush of activity that comes along with the fall, give yourself the opportunity to dream and to take the first step towards its fulfillment.